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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sports Directory

Title*:Sportsmen aces
Description:All about Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari, Valentino Rossi of Yamaha, Rafael Nadal the Tennis Sensation and Cristiano Ronaldo the Football ace of Red Devils. And find out more free stuffs.
Keywords:F1,ferrari,kim raikkonen,iceman,the doctor,motogp,yamaha,valentino rossi,tennis,rafael nadal,rafa,cristiano ronaldo,manchester united,red devils
Title*:Golf Lessons
Description:Golf fitness programs are a must-have in the training of any player, whether professional or amateur. How can you tell when you need to join a golf fitness program? Well that shouldn’t be too difficult, particularly when it seams that your clubs are heavier than usual or your long shots get shorter. Don’t blame age; that is not an issue here! And don’t take regular fitness for golf fitness programs, as they are totally different from one another. Golf fitness programs help you train those muscles and joints that you use more in your game.
Keywords:golf,lesson,lessons,golf lesson, golf lessons
Title:Diary of an American Sports Fan
Description:A blog discussing sports such as football, basketball and other sports, including wrestling.
Keywords: college football, college basketball, NBA,NFL, NCAA
Title: Expert Sports Analysis
Description:Intelligent sports analysis with predictions, rankings, and of course, analysis. Currently focusing on NCAA and NFL football ('tis the season), it will soon include all sports, from basketball (NBA and NCAAB) and hockey (NHL) to baseball (MLB) and Olympic Events (when applicable). Check it out - The key word is intelligent - and I think you'll agree.
Keywords:sports, NFL, NCAA, football, baseball, hockey, olympics, MLB, NHL, NBA, basketball, predictions, analysis, opinions, athletics, professional, college, teams, athletes, athletics

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