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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Personal Directory

Description:A mixed bag blog
Keywords:current events, personal, kids, parenting, movies, insurance, experiences
Title*:Shoppingkharma Blog
Description:A blog that details my struggles on beating advanced cancer, what good karma is to me, judging others by their heart & soul & realizing the importance of right now. Actions speak louder than words & what comes around goes around.
Keywords:cancer survivor, ovarian cancer, medicinal marijuana, chemotherapy side effects, Volcano vaporizer, hash, intestinal blockage, pet therapy, living in the now, peace, Obama
Title*:Discomfort Zone
Description:Just an ordinary Joe who is fascinated and always curious about things and events which occurs in the discomfort zone.Without curiosity life is dull and boring.Spice it up with things you must know.
Keywords: Iban,longhouse,long house,river,discomfort zone,buwau98
Title*:The Real Truth of Alissa Lynne
Description:The daily writings of Sister Alissa Lynne - her daily struggles & triumphs in keeping in line with her walk in life and the Lord! It is a completely honest and open blog of writings.
Keywords:Honesty, Truth, Real, Love, Trust, Encouraging, Falls, Triumphs, Jesus, Christian, Woman,
Title*:image palace hotel
Description:Image Palace Hotel is one among the biggest hotels in Roxas City. It is famous for its beautiful garden and cozy spacious ambiance.
Keywords: iph,image palace hotel,hotel in roxas,hotel in capiz,hotel in roxas city capiz
Title:Blurbs Of The Feisty Leo
Description:This blog centers around various topics concerning life and living. Things Close to my heart, things I love,enjoy, and some things that i don't. If anything I never want to be mundane.
Keywords: poetry prose love loss heartache heartbreak life living
Title:innovation everytime
Description:this is a blog about technology and mobile phones and my personal experiences
Keywords: general,technology,personal,pets
Title: Unplugged
Description:Personal blog of new independent rock artist Jason The Bald Guy
Challenging thoughts, probing questions, and links to free music downloads.
Keywords:ree music downloads, Christian, musician, independent, blogger, artist
Title:Cornwall, Truth or Denial
Description: Covering the Cornwall Public Inquiry " How institutions handled historical sexual abuse. A town of cover-ups, a hurting town of victims/survivors, myself included. I have a petition going and I would very much appreciate it if you could find in your heart to sign the petition and send a voice for the victims that can't. This is also a place to heal from sexual abuse. I have a new blog " a place to relax" this is where healing can begin.
Keywords: children, sexual abuse, clergy, OPP, cover-ups, silenced, CAS, crime, convictions, Inquiry, government, politics, money,
Title:Teenage Guy's Life
Description: This is all about me and i'm in my school band. My band and I are facing alot of things and be sure to read all that if you are interested. Discover my life that is not great, i'm a singaporean though.
Keywords:syakir shamsudin singapore singer singapura actor mediacorp band concert marching march everything anything in the world a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Description:A perceptive, full-fledged Kuching-Sarawakian who sees life through insignificance. Survived, and blogs. Currently furthering his studies at a local higher institution in Malacca, Malaysia.
Keywords:beaned, melaka, malacca, kuching, sarawak, insignificance, utem, university
Title:The diary of Sadie Alvarez
Description:Dating blog/ diary written as a novel
Keywords:love, relationships, dating, sex, diary, novel, humour
Title:What's on JR's mind?
Description:Everything under the sun on JR's point of view, from her food bingeing to daily mishaps to whines and rants on just about everything. Made out from pure boredom but contains sheer passion for blogging.
Keywords:food, love, manila, Philippines, fashion, business, personal

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