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Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Title*: Chanielce's Barbwire Monologues
Description:Random rants of a chronic lier
Keywords: Chanielce
Title*:The Peaceful Liberal
Description:A peaceful political site which honest and the point of view of a hard headed hippie, cancer surviving, liberal with a huge, huge heart of gold!
Keywords:Barack Obama, gay marriage, abortion, gun control, United States of America, Corporate Taxes, Redistribution of Wealth, Wall Street, Huge Corporations, Middle Class, John McCain, Sarah Palen, family values
Title*:The Conservative Cloakroom
Description:A Conservative blog that explores world politics, American foreign policy and current events.
Keywords:bush, obama, mccain, palin. putin, war on terror, global warming farce,
Title*:Video Games for the Gamer
Description:The activities and thoughts of someone trying to make a little extra money selling video games and do a little marketing on the internet.
Keywords:blog, video games, online games, shopping, free games, download games
Title*:Search of Life
Description:All about life... lifestyle, fashion, hardship of life, Journey with God, everything!
Keywords:Life, God, Fashion, Work Life, Personal, Entertainment, Holidays
Title*:Lady Republican
Description: my blog about anything and everything that comes to my mins
Keywords:politics, news, etc
Title*:Fishing Addict Blog
Description:Fishing tips and tricks for salmon fishing
Keywords:fishing, salmon, fishing tips, drift fishing, salmon egg curing
Title:lsp mahatma bandung unit margahayu raya
Description: LSP Mahatma adalah ilmu pernafasan yang memiliki pengaruh luar biasa terhadap kesehatan. Dengan mengolah pernafasan Mahatma ini berbagai macam penyakit dapat diobati dengan sangat cepat.
Keywords:lsp, lsp mahatma, lsp mahatma bandung, prana, olah seni pernafasan, lsp mahatma bandung, lembaga seni pernafasan mahatma
Title: Reflections Under The Bodhi Tree
Description:My blog includes articles about spirituality, the paranormal, self development, animal care and more. I am primarily interested in spiritual and paranormal concepts, but I am up for sharing all experiences, tales, and fun stuff.
Keywords: Self development, spirituality, paranormal, relationships, pet care, parenting, fun stuff
Title:-The Game of Life
Description:- Experiences, life, success, failures, software, web development, truth, fun, jokes, life, leanings
Keywords:- Experiences, life, success, failures, software, web development, truth, fun, jokes, life, leanings
Title:MGS1TheBest Blog
Description:Blog Dedicated to first 3d Metal Gear, with forum
Keywords:Hideo Kojima, Solid Snake, MGS Secrets, MGS Soundtrack, Game Walktrough
Title:Francesca Jackson Authorised Fan Blog
Description:Authorised Fan Blog for Francesca Jackson, endorsed by Fran herself aims to keep everyone upto date with her career, current shows etc
Keywords:Francesca Jackson, CSWY, Musical Theatre, I'd Do Anything, Actress, West End, Can't Smile Without You
Title:dating tips
Description:how to attract a woman,how to attract a man,dating tips and ideas,romantic photos,couples photos,love business
Title:Sex, Lies and Dating in the City
Description:Real stories about sex and dating in New York City. Truth is more interesting than fiction.
Keywords:sex, relationships, dating, New York, SATC
Title:Aria'z Ink
Description:A freelance writer and mother of two on a journey of self-realization. Picture Erma Bombeck meets Augustin Burroughs.
Keywords: mother, marriage, relationship, family, SAHM, child, real, self, aria, ink, WAHM, parenting
Title:Build Nyown Website
Description:Have you ever thought "I'd like to build my own web site," but thought it would be too hard to build web sites? We can show you just how easy it can be to build your own web site
Keywords:build my own website, website, build your own website, free website builder
Title:mobile tips and tricks
Description:free mobile tips and tricks nokia sony erisson samsung
Keywords: free mobile tips and tricks
Title:Mrs Fourniers Blog Spot
Description:Blogs about family, kids, pregnancy and all sorts of other stuff
Keywords:married life, children, kids, pregnancy
Title:Gods own country
Description:According to the 2001, kerala has 3,18,3,619 people which is nearly 3.44 percent of the country's total population .kerala is blessed with more than 40 rivers flowing to the west to embrace the arabian sea . The high ranges of the wester gats from where these rivers originate is globally known or its splendid gardens of spices, fruits ,nuts etc for centuries .be it peper ,cardamom,turmeric, chillies, nutmeg , the aroma and flavour have been the most hauning attractions to traders from the far corner of the world .
Keywords:tourist ,kerala,hills,backwaters,music,herbs ,temples,flowers,holidaydetination, resorts.beaches
Title:Sweet Tea
Description:Life as it unfolds in the Louisiana bayou; as refreshing as a glass of "Sweet Tea".
Keywords:ife, humor, home, teenager, family, dog
Description: Tips and online shops
Keywords:Choc Cake, Alpha Lipid, Tips,

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